Make Up For Beginners Tutorial; Use of Powder and Eye Transformation

You can sweep up the powder was smeared face moisturizer and foundation. You should be careful in choosing the color of the powder that is adapted to the foundation color that is already in use. This is to prevent a collision with color powder foundation color so that they can be fused. There are several types of powder, for use of makeup usually been solid powder. The powder is actually suitable for the use of makeup every day. The powder is very important to use makeup to create sharper and more durable as well. In addition, the powder can also disguise your greasy impression. MAKEUP TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS is important because it will guide you to get the perfect makeup application, especially for the use of powder and transformation in the eye.

To add to the perfection of the use of make-up, you should use makeup on the eyes. It also will provide a sharper impression to the eye. Eyeshadow color selection is crucial to your natural makeup style. We recommend that you choose eye shadow with bright colors or soft. You should avoid using eye shadow with a dark color. The dark color would be contrary to natural impression to be achieved. Typically, the color of eye shadow is used for natural makeup is pink, beige or peach. Three colors can blend with the color of the face, and do not pose a very striking color gradation with the color of your skin. On the eyelids, you should apply the colors such as pink or beige medium to give a soft impression. Apply color to come into the tip of the inner eye to the outside. To get an impression of the shadows, you should apply a dark color at the top, you also should apply a light color (highlight) near the brow bone.