Some of the Types of Units for Condos

For those who are looking for a condo to buy, the process of finding a condo is not as hard as it used to be as condominium buildings have been made spread everywhere in cities around the world; as an example is the Grandeur Park Residences in Singapore. However, buying a condo unit is, indeed, not an easy task as each of the buyers cannot just stay put and sit if they want to buy a unit. There are several things to do and some things to know. Learning the types of apartment units is included as one of the things to do and as to the knowledge about those types is one of the things to know. So, in the following, some of the types of condominium units will be explained.

– Alcove

The extent of this type of condo units is almost the same as the studio, which is about 19 square meters. However, the L-shaped alcove is a type where a small portion is used as a bedroom so that it is usually called as a half room.

– Junior 1 Bedroom

The size of this condo unit is slightly larger than the studio type. If the studio entirely is incorporated into a single, the junior 1 type still has a partition between the bedroom and the kitchen,

– Junior 4 Bedroom

Not only that there are four bedrooms for this type of apartment units, but the interior of this condo also covers a living room, a kitchen fruit, one bedroom and one narrower bedroom which are usually converted into one other room, for example, a workspace.

– Two bedroom

As for this type of condo units, this spacious condo unit is slightly larger than the junior 4 bedroom type because there are two bedrooms which are in the same size or only slightly different. Other than that, there will also be a kitchen and a living room.