Criteria of Quality Backlinks For SEO

In SEO, as applied, one important factor is to build backlinks. What is a backlink? To put it simply, this is the link provided by the other party to our site. If the link is clicked, visitors will be delivered to the site given the link. A backlink is proof that the other parties consider that our website is important so it’s worth given as a reference. The search engine backlinks signal capture and use as one of the important factors in rank search results.

What are the criteria of a quality backlink?

– First of all, relevant. Backlink provided by sites in the same niche or topic. For example, a site about computers should get links from sites technology.

– Second, contextual links. This is a link inside content (article). The reason this type of quality backlinks is because the links inside the article are usually related or relevant to the content of the article (topic was written).

– Third, sites with high authority. Links from the site – a site that can be trusted, its value is much better than that is not clear.