Gradient Nail Art, Create Ombre Nails

Now, not only your cake and hair can be ombre. You do not want to lose a beautiful case to be decorated in the same way. Prepare 2 nail polishes with different colours but can lead to beautiful gradations, such as peach and pink or sky blue and pastel blue. Then, prepare also a top coat, toothpick, and any sponge. Find other NAIL POLISH DESIGNS by visiting our website.

– Cover your nails with the base colour paint. Choose the youngest of the two nail polish you wear. Let dry for a moment.

– Pour 2 nail polish onto the table that has been coated with plastic. Pour just enough and put at a close distance.

– Mix the two nail polish right in the second meeting. This method will produce a beautiful colour gradation. Use a toothpick to mix it.

– Dip the sponge into the nail polish mixture.

– Apply the sponge to your knees by slowly pressing, such as when wearing face powder. Wait until dry.

– After dry, apply top coat on top of your decorated nails.