Causes of Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) or a psychopath

Although, the signs of a personality disorder can already be seen since childhood but in general the symptoms of APD / new psycho apparent when a child is growing up around the age of 15 years and above. APD / psychopaths often associated with genetic parents who suffer from APD as well, although not always true. APD can sometimes arise from a combination of genetic and environmental factors. And even the most well none at all genetic factors that affect the appearance of this PPE. APD sufferers usually learn from the environment that is less responsive and less empathy toward the suffering of others and the environment. Examples of life experience to be one of the biggest influences the appearance of PPE, such as physical abuse, and emotional in childhood, abandonment, relationships with people APD, or raised by parents who were alcoholics. Drug abuse and permanent brain damage can also cause a person’s risk of suffering from APD. However, some experts argue that the main cause of impaired APD is a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Prevention of disease (disorder) This should be done early, when still in childhood. The role of parents is very important in educating, creating a good and conducive environment, as well as the approach to religious values ??is the most effective way to prevent the onset of this disorder and treatment as recommended by dual diagnosis treatment centers.

If the APD sufferer is left without any counselling or guidance, may cause victims of crimes by people with APD increases. Many of the people with APD which is the recognised leader in an organisation or a particular sect which ultimately lead to his destruction. One clear example is the mass suicide at the behest of the Reverend Jim Jones in Guyana in 1978. Individuals with APD high risk to commit a crime by mood. Murder by mutilation and self-harm is a regular occurrence for patients with APD. They tend to create all the conditions to be a problem. People with APD disorder often do a lot of violations of the law and not being able to fulfil the responsibilities of the surroundings. Psychopaths often ignore/do not care about the values ??of truth, comfort or feelings of others. Usually, the signs of people who suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) or psychopaths often already seen in childhood, adolescence and continues into adulthood.